Plasticons Project


Biodegradable active packaging systems enhancing the food quality and safety.

This project’s goal is to develop packaging which slows down the spoiling of the food lengthen their shelf life.

The research is focused on the different links in the chain of active packaging production (plastic raw materials producers, masterbatches, packaging manufacturers, and the food packer industry) to develop active packaging systems which contribute to reduce the effect and control the spoiling reactions which take place in the packaged foodstuff, thus lengthening their commercial shelf life, assuring their quality and healthiness and being also an environmental friendly and sustainable solution on account of its biodegradable nature.

Specifically, we can highlight:

Studies on the components’ characteristics and the new packaging’s ones.

Research on the interaction between the food and the packaging and systems developed.

Application of techniques to modify the compositions of either air or gas around the product.

Validation of the obtained results by conducting tests and industrial trials in the food packaging.

The establishment of a multidisciplinary group to research and carry out the industrial application of the new outcome product.

Overall description

In spite of the existence of numerous researches and literature related to the applications to lengthen the packaged food shelf life, there is a low level of implementation of these new technologies in the production chains and packaging of the products in the food industry, thus justifying the necessity of rolling out some actions intended to develop these innovative products. Through this project has been achieved the development of new and distinguishing “food industry active and interactive packaging systems” interacting with the food thus enhancing their shelf life and keeping their quality and organoleptic properties, just like constituting a sustainable solution because of its biodegradability.


High Technology Masterbatches, S.L. technology-based company specialized in the development and supply of masterbatches addressed to the industrial plastics sector.

Abelló Linde, S.A. is the Spanish branch of the Linde Gas group, worldwide market leader and one of the most important European gas suppliers.

Bandesur, S.A. is a company which has offered packaging solutions made out of foamed polystyrene for the food industry since 1998.

DMC Research Center, S.L. is a company stem from the old R&D department of DOMCA, S.A., and in turn, it is a company which manufactures and supplies food additives, established in 1977.

Derprosa Film, S.L. is a company established in 1987 and whose main activity is the manufacturing and supply of BOPP films, mainly focused on the graphic arts and food industry.

Plastienvase, S.L. kicked off as a familiar business in 1985, currently dealing with the manufacturing, printing (flexography and rotogravure) and complex lamination of flexible sheet for food industry.


Antimicrobial, oxodegradable, antifogging, and ethylene scavenger masterbatches have been manufactured at a semi-industrial level, without coming across any kind of incidents through either our processing or the film producers’ ones.

The obtained films by the different producers after making use of the active masterbatches keeps the desired optical properties when it comes to gloss and haze.


Mixture of antimicrobial, antioxidant and light stabilizers additives into a masterbatch itself, in such a way that enhances the achieving of an uniform and homogeneous film featuring outstanding optical properties.


Manufacturing of a masterbatch resulting in the client being able to make a product capable of controlling the packaging shelf life.

Gases scavengers:

Managing to obtain masterbatches able to both absorb and inhibit the ethylene molecules releasing reaction.


Featuring excellent results from the tests conducted on the films both under the cold and hot fog.

High migration rate of the added antifog agents, in such a way that their antifog effect is triggered straight upon the film manufacturing.


Trays, PE cast film, and BOPP film.

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CDTI Project: Technological Cooperation between SME

Execution time

36 months

Total investment

3,949,453 €

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