Bioactive Plastics

Formulation and development of new masterbatches for the industrial manufacturing of bioactive plastics.

The main goal of this project is to get masterbatches with some specific amount of non-toxic additives mainly from natural origin substances, which can be used in the bioactive plastics production to allow an increase of the average shelf life and the quality of the packaged food.

The research process was carried out through trials of alternative molecules at industrial scope (antioxidants, ethylene scavengers, …) to formulate masterbatches.


Masterbatches are used as raw material in the plastic industry, a product in which pigments and other additives are optimally dispersed in a polymeric material acting as a carrier. This compound is generally a low density polymer such as polypropylene, polyethylene, or polystyrene in which the additive is dispersed to provide with physical, functional and/or structural features the final product, that is the outcome plastic. These properties can be UV light stabilization, flame retardation, coloration, gloss, and so forth.

Currently a broad range of masterbatches is known in the plastic industry, among them colorants, antioxidants, lubricants, antistatics, whitener, etc.

Taking this idea into account, the current project aims to seek for new agents which allow to get plastics featuring additional characteristics (bioactive) and that lead to the improvement of the packaged product quality, especially when it comes to the foodstuff area and perishables.


High Technology Masterbatches, S.L.

University of Cadiz – UCA Research Group  FQM-295 Biosynthetic Development of Fungicides


-Detection of the involved chemical reactions in the release of ethylene scavenger: 1:49 mechanism of action and mode of inhibition of itself.
-Selection of the additives which inhibit the ethylene release reaction in the ripening of fruits and vegetables.
-Trials of ethylene scavengers masterbatches both featuring polyethylene and polypropylene carrier, reporting outstanding results in the lengthening of the shelf life of vegetables.


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Execution time

9 months


25,440 €