Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of HIGH TECHNOLOGY MASTERBATCHES, S.L. has as its goal, solely and exclusively, to achieve the full satisfaction of our customers by seeing their expectations met in each and every one of our products, as well as in the technical support offered.

Likewise,  we determine in each process the risks and opportunities, the quality, the legal and client´s requirements, a greater efficiency in the operation and the continuous improvement of the products and services.

We have already achieved this, and we will continue to do so by applying our philosophy, based on the following points:

  • Meet the particular needs of each client, providing the most appropriate masterbatches in each case.
  • Ensure that the activities that affect Quality are developed by satisfying the requirements of all interested parties, ensuring the continuous compliance with all the applicable legal provisions and complying with the requirements agreed with the Client.
  • Work only with suppliers whose raw materials comply with our standards.
  • Promote the continuous improvement of the processes, products and services offered related to the area of Quality, by assessing in advance the repercussions of any new development and continuing the effort in the development and implementation of the tools and technologies needed to improve the process, products and services offered in order to minimize non-conformities. For this purpose Corrective and Preventive actions are taken. These actions will be developed to promote improvement initiatives within the Quality framework.
  • All the staff of High Technology Masterbatches is involved in the Quality Management of the company, fostering their sense of responsibility and involvement in this field.
  • Continuous staff training.
  • Application of the Quality Management System, in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 standards, to guarantee the quality and improvement of our products and services.

This Policy must be understood and assumed by all, considering this Direction as the first responsible in assuming the described guidelines.

Every year we will define some objectives, which must be coherent with the above mentioned objectives and that all of us must try to fulfill.