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Operation Clean Sweep

Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) is a global initiative from the plastic industry to reduce the pellet leakages (primary microplastics) into the environment. This volunteered initiative is implemented in a wealth of countries in North America, UK, and Europe. When it comes to Spain and in the plastic transformation industry the adhesion to the initiative is conducted through ANAIP (Plastic Industrialist Spanish Association).

OCS is a volunteered program dealing with the responsible management with the aim of assisting in applying good cleaning and control practices in every operation in which plastic pellets are handle, in that way leakages into the environment will be prevented from happening.

Operation Clean Sweep® brings in tools to help each collaborator in the plastic sector, resin manufacturers, forwarders and plastic manufacturers to apply good handling and maintenance practices at their premises.

Steering clear of spilling pellets is almost an exclusive responsibility of all the different stages in the value stream, such as production, transportation and handling.

The targets set by the plastic sector are:

-Prevent the pellet from getting to the sea

-Avoid that they become a threat to the fauna and flora

-Protect the environment, our sector and their products.


The five main measures to apply good practices:

1.Turn the goal “zero pellet leakages” into a priority.

2.Assess the situation and necessities of your company.

3.Conduct the necessary improvements on the facilities and equipment, if applicable.

4.Make the employees aware and raise the responsibility feeling.

5.Carry out a follow-up and be sure of the compliance with the procedures.


Either you would like to get more information or joining the program, please visit the following links:


We all at HT Masterbatch being aware of the importance and necessity of this initiative, so we have joined through ANAIP with the aim to contribute humbly to its spreading and compliance.