HT Masterbatch gets the badge EUREKA LABEL

HT Masterbatch, cutting-edge company, specialized in developing compounds addressed to the plastic industry, achieved the Eureka label the last October 10th. This badge is given to its R&D project INNOBULKTECH, developed hand in hand with the Turkish company KARTAL CARPETS.

What is Eureka Label?
The badge Eureka Label, internationally renowned, stands out projects which accredit the value of the innovation carried out and allows the Spanish enterprises to strengthen at the same time their technological capabilities, widening the impact of their products, process and services in worldwide markets.
Any project reaching the EUREKA status is placed in a high prestige position and provides the participants with an important competitive advantage in their relationships with financial, technical and sales partners.
This intergovernmental initiative of support to R&D is addressed to either any enterprise or European research center able to carry out a research project in cooperation with, at least, a company and/or research center from another country within the Eureka network, with the aim to encourage the development of products, processes or innovative services and with clear sales interest.
Currently, Eureka comprises 41 member countries with full rights, in addition to 4 associated countries: Canada, Chile, South Africa, and South Korea.


¿What does a masterbatch do in my rug?
The objective of this project is getting new Polypropylene threads intended for manufacturing of rugs in Turkey.
The innovation provided by the Spanish company, HT Masterbatch, comprises in adding different materials in masterbatch shape to the polypropylene threads, this will enable to knitting rugs which will be resistant to fire and bacterial growth, as well as strengthen high demanding features such as comfort and softness.
As far as KARTAL CARPETS concerned, they will be in charge of the necessary technical development for the manufacturing of these new threads.
In addition to the technological innovation, this project is of unquestionable sales interest between Spain and Turkey, on account of Turkish rugs have a huge worldwide recognition and their commercialization involves way high figures, having an enormous impact on the country economy.

New challenges
Once the development of this project has been finished, HT Masterbatch will work immediately in its application in the textile industry, giving to different fabrics special features such as the aforementioned fire resistance, holding back the bacterial growth, UV stabilization, among other properties which directly affect to our safety and quality of life.

HT Masterbatch is willing to attend whom may be interested in either this or other of its projects, the R+D department is aimed to answer any question you have about them. You can reach them by phone dialing +34 956477818 / +34 956477827 or email at