ALAS Award HT Masterbatch

HT Masterbatch finalist in the ALAS awards for internationalization

High Technology Masterbatches, finalist for Cádiz in the Alas Awards to the Internationalization of the Andalusian Company.

The Provincial Jury of Cádiz has chosen today as finalists of its twelfth edition High Technology Masterbatches, S.L., and Antonio Barbadillo S.A., which will compete for the final regional award with the companies that are being chosen in the rest of the provinces throughout this week. Organized by the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment through Extenda-Andalusian Agency for Foreign Promotion, the Alas Awards have as their main objective to acknowledge the work of Andalusian companies in international markets, as well as stimulate the rest of the productive fabric of the community so that it begins its process of internationalization as another element of its economic activity. The two finalist companies of the Alas Awards in the province of Cádiz have been High Technology Masterbatches, S.L., in the category of ‘Emerging exporter’; and Antonio Barbadillo S.A., in the category of ‘Exporting Company’. The category of ‘External Implementation’ has been declared void. The winners at the regional level will be known after the meeting of the Main Jury in the month of December.The ‘Emerging exporter’ category acknowledges the achievements of the company that, having started its international activity in the last three years, demonstrates a dynamic and positive activity in this process.

High Technology Masterbatches, S.L. is a technology-based company specialized in the development, production and marketing of masterbatches (color additives or other properties for plastics) for the plastic film processing industries. Its main markets are Turkey and Portugal, with serious expectations of opening new markets in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.

In the category of ‘Exporting Company’, Antonio Barbadillo S.A. This category rewards international consolidation in the last five years, taking into account, among other factors, the weight of the export in the total turnover and the opening of new markets. In this sense, Antonio Barbadillo S.A., owner of 500 hectares of vineyards and some wineries, with a total area of ??more than 75,000 square meters, is currently the largest manzanilla wine producer in Jerez area.The main countries where its products are distributed are the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom and Denmark. In addition, it has agreements with importers and distributors in other markets such as the United States, Mexico and China.

Provincial Jury of Cádiz

The Jury of the Alas Awards in the province of Cádiz was chaired by the territorial delegate of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, José Manuel Miranda, who was accompanied by representatives of the Territorial Delegation of Agriculture, Fisheries and the Environment, and the Territorial Delegation of Development, Housing, Tourism and Commerce; as well as the Andalucía Emprende Foundation, and the Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalusia (IDEA).

The Chambers of Commerce of Cádiz and Jerez; of the Confederation of Employers of Cádiz; and the companies Airbus Military and De Luque has formed the business members of the jury.

On the other hand, Publicaciones del Sur has participated on behalf of the media. In addition, Extenda is also part of the jury as the organizer of the awards.

Final phase of the Alas Awards

Once all the finalist companies in each of the provinces are known, the Main Jury of the Alas Awards will designate the winners at the regional level in each of the categories. This decision will take place in the month of December.

This Jury will also be responsible for choosing the winning companies in the categories of ‘International Ecommerce’ and ‘International Trajectory’. The former, new in this twelfth edition, is aimed at recognizing the planned and systematic use of electronic commerce, as well as other channels of promotion and communication, such as social media, in the development of activity abroad.

The category of ‘International Trajectory’ is the only one to which companies can not register themselves. It´s the Jury who propose and choose the company that, with an activity abroad exceeding ten years, has consolidated its presence in international markets and has contributed to publicize Andalusia. This award may also be granted to institutions or individuals linked to business internationalization.

Cádiz: first exporting province

According to data from Extenda, in September Andalusian exports reached 2,296 million euros, which means an increase of 17.8% over the same month of the previous year and up to 8.2 points above the national average . This important increase places it as the second exporting autonomous community in that month, with its best result for the whole year 2014. Between January and September of 2014 the community accumulates 20,013 million euros in exports, practically the same invoice that was obtained in the same period of 2013 (-0.04%), which ended with an export record for the fourth consecutive year, with 25,970 million euros.

For its part, Cadiz was the first exporting province in September, reaching 699 million Euros, 24% more than in the same month of 2013, which also makes Cadiz the second province in Andalusia that grew the most in that month, after Huelva, which grew 42%. In addition, from January to September, the sales of the companies from Cadiz abroad reached 5,837 million Euros, which also places it as the first exporting province in that period (the sum of the first nine months of the year).

Concerning the products, fuels and mineral oils stood out, with 34.1% of the total; foundry, iron and steel, with 12.4%; aircraft and space vehicles, with 5.5%; and electrical appliances and equipment, with 4.1%.On the other hand, the main markets of the province in the first nine months of the year were France (10.1%), Portugal (7.9%), Germany (5.7%), United Kingdom (5%) and Morocco (4.7%).

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