HITEMA NATUR®, the green range from HT Masterbatch.

HT Masterbatch launches HITEMA NATUR®, a new range of products made from raw materials from vegetal origins. 


HT Masterbatch, a high technology company specialized in the development of compounds intended for the plastic industry, focuses our research on getting products which be an innovation in the market and which contribute to encouraging the respect for the environment.

In this way, HITEMA NATUR® range is a new generation of plastic materials, included into the called “green” plastics which their composition is formulated from a polymeric carrier obtained from vegetal origin substances

Also, it is important to highlight that the additives which HT Masterbatch uses in this range of products are only and exclusively from vegetal origins.

This distinctive characteristic means a distinguishing advantage which the final products made from this range could have, because of they will be able to be destined for the manufacturing of cosmetic containers or food packaging featuring properties which have crucial relevance to communities which have strict requirements in this matter, and this means an important opening to new market niches.

Among the most relevant features which these products are gifted, it should be pointed that they have a high rate of recyclability, hundred percent, and a reduced carbon footprint due to their origin from renewable sources.

Both properties provide important benefits to the society, helping to reduce the global balance of emissions of greenhouse effect gasses and they contribute to creating value to the supply and production chain of the Plastic Industry.

In this regard, we inform that the use of HITEMA NATUR® does not require any change of the process conditions by the manufacturer neither it impairs the performance of the final product, getting the same characteristic values during its lifetime.

So, HT Masterbatch introduces an innovative solution with a marked ecological emphasis, which favors the consolidation of a socially responsible plastic market.

From HT Masterbatch, we make available our R+D department to the companies and people who be interested in HITEMA NATUR®, or whatever of our products.

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